Innovation Provider

Through networking and our active presence among the "white coats" in the highly developed Scandinavian healthcare sector we identify innovative and patentable medical device ideas for acquisition by progressive and international medical device companies.

All projects are executed by MDBC up to and including proof-of-concept, i.e. prior to manufacturing and commercialization thereby giving the acquirer the important role in tailor making the projects to its own final specifications, design, and branding.

Each patentable idea, once it has passed our due diligence process, becomes a separate entity which has ownership of all assets including the patent, prototypes, clinical proof-of-concept, etc. thus ensuring a smooth and fast Tech Trans process.

 As we constantly evaluate new medical device ideas we encourage an initial "non-NDA" dialog with us to explore if we might have what you are looking for in our deal flow.

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MDBC A/S, Hoejskolevej 1, DK-2960 Rungsted Kyst, Denmark. CVR 28126700. Phone +45 7020 7811.